Time to Get A Move On

Finding Time to Exercise


Many people find that they have some free time during the day, although the amount of time may vary depending on their schedule. For example, some people may have a lunch break that they can use to relax or take care of personal errands. Others may find that they have some free time in the early morning before work while others may have free time after work or in the evening.

One way to make time for physical activity is to cut down on the amount of time spent watching TV or browsing the internet. Just an hour of extra exercise each day can have significant health benefits. So next time you're tempted to veg out in front of the TV, consider going for a walk or a swim instead. Your body will thank you for it.

Weekends provide a great opportunity to catch up on your fitness goals. Although it can be tempting to spend the weekend lounging around the house, try to use some of that extra free time to get moving. Go for a long walk or run, ride your bike,  take a yoga class or try Pilates. You'll not only improve your physical health, but you’ll also feel more refreshed and energised for the week ahead. So next time you're feeling like you need a break from your fitness routine, remember that weekends are the perfect time to get back on track.

Choose short activities

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of exercise that has become increasingly popular in recent years. HIIT classes typically involve shorter sessions of intense activity interspersed with periods of rest and can be an effective way to get fit in a shorter amount of time. One study found that just eight weeks of HIIT was enough to improve participants' aerobic fitness and increase their muscle mass. HIIT can be tailored to any fitness level and can be done using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or even your body weight. If you're looking for a workout that can be done in a shorter amount of time, HIIT may be the perfect option for you.

Joining gym classes is also a great option because many classes last for no more than 40 mins, plus you get the bonus of working out with other people which can give you motivation.