Time to Get A Move On

Exercise in Short Spurts


Endurance is necessary for athletes running a half or full marathon, but it is not required to start getting fit. Exercise in short spurts might be a much better way to begin when a body has become woefully out of shape. It allows a person the opportunity to raise their heart rate. As they move quickly, they will be able to feel their body working. Once they have done just a few minutes, it is time for a pause. This allows the body to cool down and recover.

Short spurts are a good way to begin because they are designed to give the body what it needs. Raising the heart rate can help elevate metabolism, and it can burn calories. Resting at intervals keeps the body from overworking. This alone makes it a good way for beginners to get into shape. They can eventually work their bodies longer as they get fitter.

A reasonable amount of exercise is where every person getting into shape wants to be. Injuries occur when people do more than their body is ready to accept. Short spurts can help them measure how they feel physically. It is a good way to measure whether or not they are ready for more exercise as they breathe deep and relax. Slowing down is not a failure in this case. It is a successful road to increasing the body’s ability to use muscles and expand breathing capacity.

It often seems that working hard and getting into shape quickly is the preferred goal. Taking that path on a slower road is actually a better idea. The ability to avoid injuries will keep a person going over time, and it will help them build up their endurance levels at a reasonable pace. Continuing to progress until they have reached their best fitness level should be their ultimate goal with this method.