Time to Get A Move On

Exercise Here and There


The world is full of opportunities for those with open eyes, and exercise here and there can fall easily into that category. Many times people are encouraged to take the stairs instead of the elevator. That is just one example of finding small exercise routines that can be helpful. There are plenty of other ways to get fit without spending hours in the gym doing repetitive exercises that are boring.

Holidays are a wonderful time for family and friends to gather. They are also a time when overindulging in foods with a high calorie count is part of the celebration. There is no crime in eating those foods, but there should be a balance. Instead of sitting with the smaller children and talking, getting down on the floor and playing with them could help. It requires doing something more than sitting, and it creates great memories for the children and the adults.

Taking a slightly longer path is another way to add exercise into a busy life. Walking around a large group of people on the sidewalk could be part of adding exercise to life. Choosing to spend a few additional minutes window shopping down the road could be another successful addition, and even taking the time to walk across the street and cross back could be helpful.

There are many areas in life where exercise in the form of additional movement can be a good way to get back into shape. It may take a bit of imagination, and it could feel awkward at first. Jumping into a new and more vigorous lifestyle is about more than getting fit. It is about seeing opportunities that might have been invisible in the past. Those opportunities could create a new outlook on life, and that alone could help make a person eager for their fitness routine to continue.