Time to Get A Move On

Creating Exercise Minutes


Sitting for long periods of time can make a person feel dull and sluggish. This is a normal reaction of the body when movement has been curtailed, but it does have consequences. The metabolism tends to slow down, blood circulation is at a minimum, and the overall effect can make a person feel tired. Rather than sitting completely still all day long, creating exercise minutes in small bursts can ramp up the metabolism and blood flow, and it can give a person more energy throughout the day.

Morning coffee or tea has long been a staple for many, and that is where a minute of exercise can be woven into the day. Doing push-ups on the kitchen counter while waiting for a beverage is just one way to get more exercise. It will help the person feel more awake, but it can also ramp up metabolism enough to burn a few additional calories per hour during the next several hours. It is just one way to get started on a healthy day.

Computers have changed many lifestyles and work habits, but they have created their own set of issues. Sitting and staring at pages of emails can be a time when the body begins to slow. Moving the feet even a little at this time can help those feeling sluggish. Taking hands off the keyboard, rotating the shoulders, and then shaking the hands vigorously is also a way to get moving again.

There are many ways to slide exercise into modern life, and it can be done as small batches of exercises throughout the day. Shaking the hands vigorously every few hours can increase metabolism, but it is also a good way to get blood flowing once more. The boost in energy levels can assist with concentration, and that boost may last long enough to answer all the emails that were received that day.